making a Debian Live CD for managing GnuPG master key and smartcards

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Apr 26 22:51:37 CEST 2016

> My reading of the group
> consensus is that this set of scripts is tolerated not endorsed or
> recommended.

Well, yeah, but let's keep in mind the GnuPG community
endorses/recommends very little.  Not even something like Enigmail gets
an endorsement or recommendation from GnuPG.  By and large, GnuPG just
focuses on GnuPG, and I think that's a good policy that's served
everyone well.  :)

> I personally feel a line is crossed when this group is used as
> the medium to promote a personal project.

Well, there's a little bit of a chicken-and-the-egg problem here.  If
new projects are told "don't evangelize here", how will they let users
who might be interested in their project know it exists?  Evangelization
is important.  I don't think we want to adopt a no-evangelization rule,
but at the same time, we want to keep it within limits, too.

We don't have a rule on this subject.  I don't think we need one,
either.  But speaking just for myself, I'd advise people not promote
their projects more than every other month.  Six announcements a year
ought to be plenty to let people know about a new project.

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