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> Maybe add some _brief_ words about trust.  We understand how

Well, I should have explained what I mean by Key Discovery:

We do key discovery to get a key for a given mail address the first time
we want to write to that address.  At that point we don't have a
relationship with the recipient and thus it doesn't matter whether we
trust the key or the mail address.  If we would have had a former
in-person communication we also had a chance to exchange fingerprints.

It is more important to assure that you are always talking to the same
person/mail address after the first contact.  This builds up trust to
the mail address.  This is the concept of trust-on-first-use (TOFU)
which we are soon going to use as default trust model for GnuPG.
Actually it will be a combination of TOFU and the Web-of-Trust

> Someone could set up an with a bogus key, send
> out an email impersonating Werner and pointing to that web service,

The key would not be bogus, unless it also has my mail address, which
should be unique.  Given that I sign my mails (granted, too rarely on
MLs), a TOFU system can easily detect a conflict for those who are
reading GnuPG mailing lists.



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