Proof for a creation date

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The easiest way is to publish your code to a publicly controlled source
with a signature on or before your desired date. Not sure if there's a
*better* way.

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> Hi,
> we all know that kidnappers do publish a picture of their
> hostage holding up a todays newpaper. The purpose of this is
> to proof that the victim was alive _after_ a certain point
> of time. I want to do the opposite. I want to make evidence
> that I created a document _before_ a certain point of time.
> I could use self-darkening ink but that won't be reflected
> in a JPEG scan and my pen won't make the job that TeX does.
> I could sign a newspapers home page but that cannot be
> reproduced at a later point of time to verify the signature.
> Is there a standard way in GnuPG and in the keyholder
> infrastructure to accomplish this task?
> Thanks in advance.
> Bertram
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