Hybrid keysigning party, your opinion?

Stephan Beck stebe at mailbox.org
Thu Dec 8 18:13:00 CET 2016

Peter Lebbing:
> On 08/12/16 14:14, Stephan Beck wrote:
>> Just some meditations:
>> So, the late attendees can see and hear that the ordinary participants 
>> confirm the checksum and that their fingerprints check out?
> Yes, the late attendees definitely need to be there at the beginning of the
> party, verifying that the SHA256 checksum printed at the top of their scrubbed
> list is the one being read aloud and hearing everybody confirm their fingerprint
> is correct.

Thanks, Peter. No more open questions!
As with everything, I think I'd have to set up such an event and go
through its practical application (or participate in one) to become more
expert. Let me see if there are any in my region.

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