How restore backuped /.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d

Ondřej Střeštík ondrejstrestik at
Fri Dec 9 16:03:42 CET 2016


i have reall big problem because i accydently deleted /.gnupg, but still i have backuped /.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d so i have 4 “hashfile" name files with suffix .key
 I was really scared, because i thought i lost my private keys but  i read here
The file secring.gpg is not anymore used to store the secret keys. Merging of secret keys is now supported

So i dont have any file from /.gnupg like secring.gpg, etc. (i saw private-keys-v1.d and i thoug backup this folder is enought - yes i am moron)
- i deleted folder because i had problems with gpg configuration
- i thought i will copy private-keys-v1.d back to the ./gnupg and everything will be ok (like ssh)

Now i am i situation where i can not import “raw” keys and everytime when i try to import private key i will get message like: No valid OpenGPG data found in file.

Please can you help me how can i restore my pivate keys please? I google it around 12 hours and still nothing.

Thank you very much for yours help,
Ondrej Strestik

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