Strange behaviour (was: Re: Something strange with .. a specific Signature?)

Matthias Mansfeld m.mansfeld at
Sun Dec 11 11:56:20 CET 2016

On 9 Dec 2016 at 14:01, Stephan Beck wrote:

> Hi Matthias,
> > Windows 7 pro(64), GPGRelay 9.962 (a POP3/SMTP "proxy" or better
> > local relay for GnuPG), GnuPG 1.4.18, Pegasus Mail 4.72de
> > 
> > Based on something strange on my computer (blocked memory etc. up
> to 
> > explorer.exe freeze after some hours running) finally my GnuPG 
> > freezes >> GPGRelay freezes waiting for GnuPG >> my Mail client 
> > freezes waiting for GPGRelay, and the common is nearly always, it
> > freezes mostly exactly during loading a signed mail from Stephan
> > Beck.

> Well, I can't say that I feel honored by so many references to my
> name, but have you checked that (I suspect compatibility of PGP
> plugin and your PM version as a probable reason) 
> 1) the PGP-plugin you use is the latest as on (1)
> 2) this latest version of the PGP plugin (for use in 4.72) is
> already
> made fit for Windows7

No, I don't use any PMail Plugin at all (you mentioned a PGP Plugin 
which would work well with PGP, not GnuPG. A many years old GnuPG 
Plugin exists, but is totally unmaintained, doesn't work well with 
attachments etc....)

I use GPGRelay with GnuPG 1.4.18; Pegasus talks (unencrypted, 
unsigned) with GPGRelay on localhost with port numbers, and GPGRelay 
acts as "local proxy" which talks with the POP3 and SMTP servers and 
signs/verifies/encrypts/decrypts the mails with GnuPG.


> [...] 3) is configured properly concerning PGP/MIME support: see
> section Using the Program--> PGP/MIME encryption 

I would say (concerning GPGRelay/GnuPG) yes, because (standard 
answer) I did not change anything, not with Pegasus Mail, not with 
any settings in GPGRelay and it ran perfectly.

> 4) gnupg 1.4.18 for Windows' debug output
> 5) you are using a Windows 32-bit-application in a 64 bit Windows7
> environment; that should work in general, but may give some issues.
> I
> haven't investigated further here.
> 6) in general, for Windows 7 "debugging light": see "Event
> Logging"
> (DE_DE=Ereignisanzeige) and look for entries in the various log
> files,
> filtering as needed

... OK, I will try this...

> 7) for Windows Debugging heavy, download the Win7 Debugging Tools
> (4)
> As to logging I only found that PegasusMail(3) has a WMP log file
> for
> debugging purposes but it is not editable, as to 

logs the _complete_ TCP/IP protocol (in this case between Pegasus 
Mail and GPGRelay) including the decrypted mail data... maybe it 
helps to see what happens last before everything stucks...

Similar logging exists for GPGRelay, and that is, where I see the 
last mail GPGRelay tries to retrieve from the POP3 server before it 
just hangs and where I found that it happens quite often during 
verifying especially your mails. That is, why I asked whether 
something on your signatures may be a bit "special"

Currently I have not the time to go much more in depth and can live 
with the fact that in that moment much other stuff on this computer 
tends to hang and the "easiest" way for now is to reboot... It is 
possible that this behaviour came with one of the last MS 

Thanks, best regards

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