Something strange with Stephan Becks Signatures?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sun Dec 11 12:01:04 CET 2016

Woa, easy there. While the Subject:-line of the OP wasn't perhaps chosen
very wisely, please calm your tone. I don't think the OP has it in for
you (though it is a possibility, but let's assume good faith). It seems
like he has a killer issue, and if there really is a correlation to
opening your messages, that could be worthful info for tracking down the

> I (and other people) answered him and he didn't say a word again.

Without looking up the specific case, it happens more often that people
go away satisfied without sharing their satisfaction. Hell, I've been
guilty of it myself. In fact, I should still thank someone who gave nice
extra information which I wanted to ponder for a bit before replying. I
never actually got that far pondering and haven't thanked him yet...



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