Hybrid keysigning party, your opinion?

Lachlan Gunn lachlan at twopif.net
Mon Dec 12 06:27:48 CET 2016

Le 2016-12-12 à 03:45, Peter Lebbing a écrit :
> My e-mail was 1424 words though, so I am afraid I ended up in your
> wishful thinking area.
> The remaining 1607 words are in the sections "Background" and "Option
> for advanced users", and those words happen to include the name Lachlan.
> Go check it out! ;-P

My apologies if I came across as overly harsh.  What I meant was that it
took me a little bit of time to work out exactly what you meant, so
someone unfamilar with the web of trust will probably not follow
exactly; it may just have been that I went through your email too late
at night. Something along the lines of the following might make it more
clear to everyone who is familiar with the hashed-list approach:

    Those who are in the advance list are certified in the usual way,
    and latecomers hand out keyslips in order to get themselves

    If you are late you need to check when you get home
    that the names and serial numbers on the form that we gave
    out match those on the one whose hash is on the projector.

But this is just me nitpicking about presentation.  I think the idea is
good, and falls into that wonderful category of things that are obvious
in retrospect, but in need of someone clever to make the breakthrough
without the benefit of hindsight.

One last thought: This may be naïvely optimistic, but if everyone
finishes at the same time then you can always do a second confirmation
of the list-hash at the end for people who are late to the session.  Or
if you're into arts and crafts, give them a copy of the master hash on
overhead transparency that they can use to very quickly check against
someone else's.


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