Obituary for Artikel 10 Grundgesetz on GnuPG website

Sam Pablo Kuper sampablokuper at
Fri Feb 5 01:36:52 CET 2016

At the bottom right-hand corner of many (all?) pages on the GnuPG
website, the following image is present:

It has an alt attribute that gives the text content of the image, and
reads as follows:

"Traueranzeige: Wir nehmen Abschied von einem sicher geglaubten Freund,
dem | Fernmeldegeheimniss | (Artikel 10 Grundgesetz) | * 23. Mai 1949, +
18. Dezember 2015"

The image also has a title attribute that reads:

"Article 10 of the German constitution (communication privacy) is not
anymore with us."

I would be grateful to know what happened (on 18 December 2015) to
prompt the posting of this statement on the GnuPG website.

I searched the archive but did not find an explanation. If that was a
failure on my part, please post a URL to the relevant archived post to
the list.

Thank you,

- spk

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