Obituary for Artikel 10 Grundgesetz on GnuPG website

Matthias Mansfeld m.mansfeld at
Fri Feb 5 04:56:53 CET 2016

On 5 Feb 2016 at 0:36, Sam Pablo Kuper wrote:

> At the bottom right-hand corner of many (all?) pages on the GnuPG
> website, the following image is present:
> It has an alt attribute that gives the text content of the image, and
> reads as follows:
> "Traueranzeige: Wir nehmen Abschied von einem sicher geglaubten Freund,
> dem | Fernmeldegeheimniss | (Artikel 10 Grundgesetz) | * 23. Mai 1949, +
> 18. Dezember 2015"
> The image also has a title attribute that reads:
> "Article 10 of the German constitution (communication privacy) is not
> anymore with us."
> I would be grateful to know what happened (on 18 December 2015) to
> prompt the posting of this statement on the GnuPG website.

This is the day when new (I say old zombie) data retention laws in 
Germany came in force (... again...)

Articel 10 of our Grundgesetz (= "German Constitution") used to cover 
privacy in telecommunication and generally all digital communication, 
"Fernmeldegeheimnis", but this seems to be more and more worthless 
with these old, new laws....,en/ (the 
last one is outdated...)

> I searched the archive but did not find an explanation. If that was a
> failure on my part, please post a URL to the relevant archived post to
> the list.
> Thank you,

You're welcome :-)


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