Compact smartcard reader with pin entry?

Sun Feb 21 12:13:36 CET 2016

I have a securely generated and stored PGP key on a smartcard. I wish to 
use my smartcard for email signing & decryption. Problem is that I am 
unable to do this since my current CAC reader does not have a built in 
pin entry. No point in smartcards if a keylogger can just simply harvest 
the pin then make use of the smartcard for signing/decryption whenever 
it is plugged in. This is a very real possibility. In fact there is a 
case where malware has done this in the past on DoD systems.

All the smartcard readers I have seen are unnecessarily massively bulky 
the size of a brick or untrusted hardware. What are recommendations for 
a compact CAC reader with built in pin entry from a trusted brand that 
works with GnuPG smartcards?

Cannon N. Ciota
Digital Identity (namecoin): id/cannon
Email: cannon at
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