Can the NSA Crack GnuPG

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Feb 23 14:04:38 CET 2016

<This entire message is tongue-in-cheek and humorous.  I'm in vigorous
agreement with Pete; his numbers match mine.>

> Searching it would be all-surpassingly impractical. Leaving aside the
> speed of light limitations of searching a database far (I've run out of
> superlatives) larger than our universe, if you could get each atom in
> the universe to output one of the 1.05*10^1153 prime numbers its storing
> every Planck time (5.39*10^-44 seconds), it would still take 1.3*10^1092
> times longer than the known age of our universe.

Pfeh.  Haven't you heard of Grover's algorithm?  Come on, man, get with
the program.  Assuming you've got a Zarbnulaxian quantum computer with
an arbitrary number of qubits, an epsilon error rate, effectively zero
decoherence, and protons that are stable over considerably longer than
the currently expected lifetime, you could reduce this down to about
10**550 times longer than the known age of the universe.

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