(OT) Can the NSA Crack GnuPG

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Tue Feb 23 15:35:05 CET 2016

On 23/02/16 15:04, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> but there's some additional weirdness involved that makes it
> impossible to use as an instantaneous communications channel.  :)

Okay. For a moment I thought I heard your train of thought again, but it
turned out my cat had managed to throw over some pretty heavy stuff.
Luckily it didn't fall on him. If it had been your train of thought, we
probably would have to re-examine the speed of sound, though.

It all sounds very interesting, though. I'll try to get a faint grasp of
the additional weirdness, but I'm faced by not being taught the basic
weirdness either (= quantum physics).

I'm not even in that stage yet where you know so little of a topic that
you think you know a lot of it ;).


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