Help with FreePascal/Lazarus TProcess.

keith gnupg at
Fri Feb 26 19:26:14 CET 2016


I've been looking at TProcess in FreePascal/Lazarus,

and had some success using it to generate key/certificate pairs using
OpenSSL as the TProcess. I thought I would try it with GnuPG and used
the same program structure I had created for OpenSSL.

This thread more or less describes the problem,,31701.0.html

but unless you subscribe to the forum you will not see the picture so,

As suggested the TProcess as called form Lazurus stalls after "permitted
by law" and as a result my program does the same.

I'm sure someone on the FreePascal forums will provide some help
assuming they have experience but I kind of get the impression that
TProcess is a bit of a 'black art' so I thought I would ask here as

Any Ideas?



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