Declaration of version 2.0.16 in France

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Fri Jan 8 13:44:40 CET 2016

Hi Michael,

> "Vatis, Michael" <mvatis at> hat am 7. Januar 2016 um 23:04
> geschrieben:
> Does anyone know whether a declaration has ever been filed by anyone
> with the French "L'Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes
> d'information" (ANSSI) for GnuPG version 2.0.16 to allow import of the
> software into France?

According to a quick lookup of the issue at (1) it seems that the
importation of cryptographic software that goes beyond authentication and
verification (of signatures) has to be declared in advance to the French
Prime Minister.

Quote from (1) (sorry for putting it here in the original version)
Ainsi, la fourniture et l’importation depuis un état membre de l’Union
européenne ou depuis un pays tiers, de moyens de cryptologie n’assurant
pas exclusivement des fonctions d’authentification ou de contrôle
d’intégrité, sont soumis à une déclaration préalable auprès de Premier
ministre. Cette déclaration comprend la mise à disposition de la
description des caractéristiques techniques du moyen de cryptologie en
cause, ainsi que du code source des logiciels.

But, taking into consideration that GnuPG is free software, does not have
any distributing agent neither in France (nor in other any country) and
its potential users download it at their own discretion from servers
located outside France (so there isn't taking place any import in the
commercial/legal sense) I think that this specific French legislation is
not applicable to GnuPG.




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