compile 2.1.10 no bzip2 ?

Fulano Diego Perez fulanoperez at
Mon Jan 11 09:52:52 CET 2016


This must be something simple I'm missing but on a debian stretch 64
machine i cannot get gpg 2.1.10 compiled with bzip2 support which
prevents me from reading bzip2 compressed files - they can decrypt but:

gpg: uncompressing failed: Unknown compression algorithm

./configure --build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/builds/gnupg21x
--enable-large-secmem --with-pinentry-pgm=/usr/bin/pinentry


configure:5840: checking whether to enable the BZIP2 compression algorithm
configure:5847: result: yes


surely don't require --with-bzip2 option ?

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