Key generation with GPGME and GnuPG hangs at gpgme_op_genkey

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Wed Jan 27 21:12:38 CET 2016

> I feel like I should resign.

Without exception, *every* good programmer I know feels this way on a
regular basis.  Writing good software is hard and frustrating.  I've
been writing C++ since 1989, and I still frequently feel like an idiot.
 And I'm not one, and neither are you.

Don't give up!

So far we've cleared two major problems: the first was GnuPG taking ~15
minutes to generate a certificate, and the second was GPGME not working
with your callback.  Two major problems solved in two days.  Imagine
what we can get solved by the end of the week.

Programming is hard, but you're not stupid, and you're in a place where
you can get help.  Stick with it.  Things will be okay.

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