AW: Key generation with GPGME and GnuPG hangs at gpgme_op_genkey

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Jan 28 10:32:03 CET 2016

> I guess I'm in real trouble now.

Maybe less than you think!

> But we decided to not use the existing wrapper, because it is old,
> (seems) unmaintained and we would like to have simpler interfaces and
> one solution for both, the C++ and Java world. Means: we just want to
> provide the simple and small interface in C++ and wrap this with JNI
> for Java.

Already been done for you.  The guys at the Guardian Project maintain
the official Java-GPGME bindings, *and* they're in production use on

There was some talk on this list a few months ago about getting some
important patches in there, but looking over the Git log they seem to
have not yet been applied.

Antony Prince was the guy updating Guardian Project's code.  See the
thread at:

According to Antony, you can grab his updates from:

It wasn't responding for me just now, though.  Antony, are you still
maintaining this?

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