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On Tuesday 19 July 2016 17:58:33 Reinhard Irmer wrote:
> Hi,
> gibt es eine Möglichkeit gnupg-verschlüsselte Texte online zu
> entschlüsseln um sie lesbar zu machen? Keys sind bekannt.

Your question is very unspecific. Also you didn't tell us why you are 
looking for a possibility to decrypt GnuPG-encrypted texts online. Yes, 
you say that you want to make the texts readable, but why do you want to 
do the decryption online?

There are ways to decrypt GnuPG-encrypted emails online, e.g. the 
browser extension Mailvelope [1], that's available for Chrome and 

If you want to decrypt encrypted text instead of encrypted emails then 
one possible solution would be putting the text (ASCII armored) into an 
email and then use Mailvelope. Maybe Mailvelope even supports decrypting 
text without putting it first in an email.

Alternatively, if you know how to write JavaScript then you could use 
OpenPGP.js [2] (which Mailvelope is based on) directly.


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