OpenGPG Smart Card v2.1 - unable to create key - card error

Conrad Kostecki ck+gnupgusers at
Tue Jul 26 09:59:33 CEST 2016

I am sorry for my late delay.

> NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at> hat am 20. Juni 2016 um 01:31 geschrieben:

> > As a test try to create a 1024 bit key.
> I think that it should work with RSA-1024 and RSA-2048.  I'm afraid
> the reader doesn't work for RSA-4096.

Yep. Creating RSA-1024 or RSA-2048 directly on this card works fine.

I don't know, if this is correct, but when I do create an RSA-4096 key with GPG directly on my Gentoo notebook and move this one to the card with "keytocard", it works and a RSA-4096 is shown on my card. Seems to work somehow, that RSA-4096 is possible?

> I suggest try using with PC/SC service.  It's pcscd and libccid on
> GNU/Linux.  There is a little possibility it works fine.  If it works,
> please let us know.

I will give a try.

> Let me explain the situation.

Thanks for the explenation.


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