improvements for "Git Access" page

Justus Winter justus at
Tue Jul 26 10:56:16 CEST 2016

Hello :)

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Filipp Gunbin <fgunbin at> writes:

> - page url is , while
>   it's certainly not "cvs" now.  Or was "vcs" meant?

Agreed, looks odd.

> - A little typo: "You must run ./ before running the
>   ./configure in the way suggested by the putput of"
>                                           ^^^^^^

Fixed, thanks.

> - libgpg-error seems to be hosted at
>   git://, but it's not mentioned in "Other
>   Hosted Projects"

Yes, the list is rather incomplete.  I replaced it with a link to the
repository browser.

My fixes are in git only, the website will be updated soonish(tm).

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