Configuration hints for using gnupg (2.0.x) interchangeably with graphical frontend and in the terminal

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sat Jun 11 11:08:22 CEST 2016

On 09/06/16 19:50, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> Of course, if you
> multi-display a single "screen" terminal session, it might go haywire as
> any X application would, since it would pick the DISPLAY from the
> "screen" session that started it.

I just realised this even happens with "regular" screen sessions,
without the multi-display functionality. If you start a screen session
locally, then detach it and attach it remotely, it will still have the
DISPLAY environment variable from when you started it locally. So yes,
in those circumstances any X program you start from that session will
display on the original graphical display, and so will a pinentry
prompt. In a sense, you could say the DISPLAY environment variable is
incorrect then. Unsetting it will mean the pinentry will pop up on your
"screen" display, as a text program.

Perhaps this is in part an explanation for what you're seeing? It still
doesn't explain why the pinentry isn't on top; that might be a
non-default configuration?



PS: I'm assuming OS X communicates the graphical display through an
enironment variable as well. And I base this assumption on absolutely
nothing, so I should probably shout angrily, as one is wont to do with
poorly founded opinions.

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