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Good morning

Thank you very much for the response!

Now that I've done all the things you've written, I no longer receive the error "ERR 67108924 Not supported <GPG Agent> - no --allow-preset-passphrase" when I start the gpg-agent with gpg-connect-agent PRESET_PASSPHRASE.

Unfortunately when I start gpg-agent with the following command on Windows Command Line
gpg-connect-agent PRESET_PASSPHRASE "74EC3FAA93CD49446EC6825C3EBEB2C336CCBE2A" -1 "MyPassphrase"

I receive the following errors:
ERR 67108992 Missing value <GPG Agent>
ERR 67109139 Unknown IPC command <GPG Agent>

I've also attached an image to this e-mail where you can see the commands and errors.

Do you have any further ideas?


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On Fri, 10 Jun 2016 14:18, m.kaufmann at said:

> There are also many articles on the net that describe to add --allow-preset-passphrase to the file gpg-agent.conf. 
> On my Windows 10 system I can't find such a file. Can I create an

You need to create it in the homedir.  

  gpg --versions

shows the homedir, or use

  gpgconf --list-dirs

which also has a homedir line.  Then go to that directory, and put a the lines


into a file named gpg-agent.conf.  (verbose is not really needed but might be helpful).  Then kill gpg-agent :

  gpgconf --kill gpg-agent

and things should work.

> You've mentioned the --pinentry-mode-lookback.
> Could you give me some advice howto to use this option?

I leave that to others ;-)



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