keytyping never end when gen-key, and importing key warning

keith gnupg at
Thu Jun 16 13:38:14 CEST 2016


I'll take a probable incorrect guess at the first part. 

GPG relies not only on your activity to create the entropy but also
other processes running on the target system. It is however your input
that provides the push over the edge. Whilst Ubuntu will be running
numerous other processes both in background and foreground your Arm
board is likely to be doing much less. The result is that the Ubuntu
system gains the required entropy much more quickly and with less input
from yourself.

Perhaps you can get your Arm board to perform more tasks whilst the keys
are being generated. I have found that compressing/decompressing a bunch
of files whilst the keys are being generated helps things along
immensely. I also remember someone on the list mentioning a process or
piece of software that performed a similar task but unfortunately I do
not remember the name of it.


On Thu, 2016-06-16 at 18:17 +0800, yuriping at wrote:
> Hi, all
> We're using gpg 1.4.20 on an arm target board;
> Problem 1.
> When I run "gpg --gen-key", everything done well, except the last
> step, type on the keyboard to gain enough entropy for the random
> number generator, the process seemingly will never end.
> Ref. to the attatchment, pls. download and check.
> I want to know what cause it and how to solve?

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