Edit Context using PyGPGME

Muri Nicanor muri+gnupg-users at immerda.ch
Thu Mar 3 09:59:42 CET 2016

hello list,

i'm trying to edit a key using PyGPGME. I've written a short snipplet
based on the tests in the PyGPGME package:
https://share.riseup.net/#NqlNA3GiycVKuzxOJGEmHA (the test only sends
'quit' but the goal is to send a 'minimize').
I get the error
> gpgme.GpgmeError: (32, 1, u'General error')
When trying to run the packaged tests of PyGPGME [0], this codeblock
seems to work- does anybody see what might be the problem here?

thanks and cheers,

[0] https://github.com/rshk/pygpgme/blob/master/tests/test_editkey.py

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