Where is /usr/local/gnupg-2.1?

Edgar Suter edsuter at mac.com
Mon Mar 21 14:48:47 CET 2016

I am trying to configure Enigmail for Thunderbird on my Intel Core 2 Duo iMac running OSX 10.10.5. 

When attempting the autoinstallation, the Wizard hung up at the “downloading” popup. Time passed without any downloading as indicated on the screen shot from the Wikipage.

So, I went to the GnuPG site and I was able to download GnuPG-2.1.11. I received a “Installation successful” message, but the Thunderbird/Enigmail Set-up Wizard cannot find the files automatically. Too, I am unable to manually “Browse" to find the files. The website suggests: "The software will be installed to /usr/local/gnupg-2.1.”  However I search and look manually and am unable to find such a file location.

If you can help I would be most appreciative.


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