Where is /usr/local/gnupg-2.1?

Ben McGinnes ben at adversary.org
Tue Mar 22 02:25:52 CET 2016

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 06:39:33PM -0400, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> Edgar reached out to me earlier, and I directed him here to this list in
> the hopes that someone with more clue than me would be able to help.
> Edgar, I'm not particularly up on GPG for OS X.  However:
> > So, I went to the GnuPG site and I was able to download GnuPG-2.1.11. I
> > received a “Installation successful” message, but
> > the Thunderbird/Enigmail Set-up Wizard cannot find the files
> > automatically.
> GnuPG doesn't host an OS X build.  These are provided by either the
> GPGTools group (providing GnuPG 2.0) or Patrick Brunschwig (providing
> GnuPG 2.1).  I don't know which version of GnuPG you installed, but if
> you got it from the GnuPG site then I'm pretty sure it wasn't what you
> think it is.

There are two other possible explanations: MacPorts (see macports.org)
and Home Brew.  By default Mac Ports installs software to /opt/local
and users always have the option of compiling anything from source.
Ports tend to have a a specific set of generic compilation or
configuration options so more ofteh than not I'll use it to grab the
libraries and then do some serious customisation on the last two
packages (GPG and GPGME).

Home Brew, however, is an autocratic little pain in the butt, but
because it uses GitHub as an ad-hoc package manager it is very
popular.  The price os using home brew means that /usr/local is
off-limits for your own projects (a deal breaker for me), it won't run
if MacPorts is installed at all (another deal breaker), it doesn't
source its tarballs from their origin projects they're all separate
github repos with who knows what modifications or added.  Plus it
complains about any installation of Python other than the version each
version of OS X shipped with (yet another deal breaker for me since I
recompile Python each time there's a new OpenSSL release for

Anyway, there's a fair chance that that subdirectory from /usr/local
is a Homebrew thing.


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