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On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 2:55 PM, Andrew Gallagher <andrewg at andrewg.com>
> For that we need to be encouraging hackers and tinkerers to experiment
> with novel interfaces; and this is best done by giving them the software
> equivalent of Lego rather than Meccano.

I find the Lego analogy very suitable. This is how unix/linux tools work.

> Thought should also be given to whether wrapping all functionality in a
> single binary with thousands of options is the best interface to present to
> even expert command line users.

For example, converting from binary to asc format can be done by an
external tool, through piping. No need to cluter the code, the interface
and the docs with extra options. I am sure that there are other cases as
well, if one thinks carefully about it.
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