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> >> ... The efforts which concentrate on making it easy might
> >> indeed increase the number of people that use it, but at the
> >> expense...
> So, maybe they will be safer if they don't use GPG at all?
> That is, essentially, correct.
> Allow me to expand. There are three groups of people whose
> interests overlap only partially:
> [A] GPG developers
> [B] GPG users that "have nothing to hide"
> [C] GPG users with secrets that must be protected from active
>     and capable adversaries
> This mailing list (and specifically, the project that is the subject
> of this thread), appears to be dedicated to increasing the size of
> [B] for the benefit of [A]. I wish both [A] and [B] well, but I am
> concerned here with [C], who would indeed be much better off by not
> using GPG at all, than by using it with insufficient understanding,
> competence and prudence.

I understand. But I think that privacy is a meaningful notion even when it
doesn't mean protection from powerful adversaries. Smaller or small
adversaries are as bad a big adversaries (sometimes they may be even worse).

I also think that when groups [A] and [B] become larger and stronger, this
does not harm group [C], instead it makes it stronger.
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