What am I missing?

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Wed Mar 30 21:19:01 CEST 2016

On 30/03/16 20:08, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> Johann's position: "The FBI wanted to get precedent on their side so
> they could use it as a club against other smaller companies."

I'll just speak for myself. My position: I think the FBI wanted
something that could be /reused/ later, not just for this case. It
wasn't just about this phone.

And if they can /then/ use that to compell other companies to write the
same software for their phones like Apple was supposed to do, that's
pretty nice too, and also a form of "to be reused later". But this is
getting into too much detail and only muddles the discussion. The core
point is: they wanted more than just this phone. But they said it was
only about this phone.

Is this "conspiracy theory" outrageous? Or only the one where they
wanted legal precedent?

On 30/03/16 20:59, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> iPhones put memory in tamper-resistant hardware.  I'll note that
> tamper-resistant isn't tamper-proof.

So you really think the FBI needed Apple to do this for them? It's an
open question, it's not the leering "really" kind. They don't have the
equipment to read out the memory? They can perfect their technique on a
whole bunch of innocent sacrificial iPhones, I'm sure the expenses are
tax-deductible ;).

Anyway, I should mention that I limited my "what phones are there" to
/smart/phones, because feature phones and dumb phones have much less
interesting data... most of it can just be had from the provider (call
records, SMS). And if it has picture and sound storage, I don't think it
will be encrypted. Somebody else mentioned Blackberry, I guess there's
still that one.



PS: In Dutch, we write the name "Johan" with one n; they seem to
flourish quite well without the support of additional ones. It's the
Germans that seem to have trouble to /stop/ spelling Johan :).

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