gpg and smartcard on ubuntu 16.04

Jörg Schmitz-Linneweber joerg at
Mon May 2 17:13:16 CEST 2016


Am 2016-04-27 23:02, schrieb Richard Ulrich:
> I didn't read this list for a while, so forgive me if this was
> discussed before.
> For many years I have used gpg and gpg-agent with ssh support with an
> OpenPGP smartcard. 
> On every ubuntu upgrade I had to fiddle a little bit to have gpg-agent
> act for ssh auth. No big deal usually.
> But this time, after the usual fiddling, I have it working nicely for
> ssh and evolution. But now it's the direct usage of gpg on the command
> line that is giving me a hard time. This aspect always worked out of
> the box so far.

A colleague had the same problems (at the same day... :) and after some 
time we found that in the process of the update to 16.04, Ubuntu/apt-get 
decided to de-install the package "scdaemon"!

So as the scdaemon is mandatory for gnupg card usage and ssh auth 
access, he re-installed it and afterwards he was back to business.

But keep in mind: He had a working ssh/gpg/smart card setup *before* 
starting the update to 16.04
and this setup was also not quite intuitive either. :-)

Salut, Joerg

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