UK Investigatory Powers Bill

keith gnupg at
Wed May 4 16:38:18 CEST 2016

Feel free to ignore me.

As you may know the UK Government is attempting to update or otherwise
consolidate its legislation in respect of access to Communications and
Other Data for the purposes of law enforcement. In part that is what
raised my interest in encryption and caused me to join this list. I am
not really any further forward but the interest remains... I should
mention that I am not a Diplomat or Advocate but rather a thick keyboard

I've been following, listening to, The Public Bill Committee Debates
with some degree of disappointment given the odds are stacked by the
present Government majority and the apparent lack of technical knowledge
of those involved in developing this legislation.

I am just listening to, 

My apologies for not being able to give an exact time stamp but
somewhere about 2 hours in they start discussing encryption and the
capability of requesting its removal. I'm not going to try and decipher
what is going on here or the thoughts or interpretations of those
concerned other than suggest that things appear to fall to pieces or at
least there is a veil of uncertainty.

Again... feel free to ignore me but it strikes me, and it should be
unsurprising, that you lot know what you are talking about given you
built GPG and as such I wonder if you might wish to make a direct
comment to the committee yourselves. 

I realise that is a big ask because the underlying information is
extensive and spread out across numerous resources. Other problem is the
consultation, or this stage of it, closes tomorrow...

"Latest news
The Public Bill Committee on the Investigatory Powers Bill has now
concluded its work, and has reported the Bill to the House with

Once a Public Bill Committee has completed its work it is no longer able
to receive written evidence."

It appears it is now 'closed'... Next stop[?] 'House of Lords'..

Otherwise Kier Starmer, Labour, and Joanna Cherry, Scottish National
Party, were the committee members who worked hardest to scrutinise and
attempt to amend the bill at this particular stage. at at

I could be wrong but given the Government majority my impression is that
they were not overly successful. However you might wish to ask them for
advice and gather your thoughts in order to present your concerns,
should you have any, and voice them.

This UK legislation will have impact elsewhere.



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