UK Investigatory Powers Bill

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Thu May 5 02:23:59 CEST 2016

> > > This UK legislation will have impact elsewhere.

Too many wind mills, too little time ;-)
- The world has excess ignorant "Regulate Crypto" politicians &
  & civil servants paid to push laws.
- National cryptography vendors, systems houses, banks etc may have more
  commercial interest to fund lobbying against local ignorant politicians.
- International source groups have few people per country,
  None paid to waste time begging to educate ignorant 
  politicians within their deadlines & foreign procedures.
- Only laws that may motivate most global source developers will be those of
  countries of passport, residence, mail list server & source repository.
  Leaving 190 countries each will ignore.

Inefficient to try to explain tech. to politicians ?  Quicker to tell them:
  They will cripple & expose their country: International groups will
  ignore their laws, & continue development.  Only their country's
  nationals will be crippled, out competed by rest of world's
  industries, banks, even industrial spies, international crackers,
  terrorists on net, & local criminals will All have better
  encryption than their local law restricted citizens.

  Even the USA failed to enforce Clipper or restrict international encryption:
   Dept of Commerce chased a crypt cat out of the bag for a decade, & failed.
   (USA munitions law, Crypt.c,, South African source repository.)

Best spend time protecting source projects,
- Insufficient resources to fight a globe of ignorant politicians, 
  so best structure projects so no few countries can cripple development.
- eg mirrors in several countries & regions, with backups, so if server 
  master has legal or net trouble, or a regional geographic incident, 
  people can switch to another server in another country & region.
- Individuals could also quietly offer logins to developers in other countries
  (so if one day a developers' country implements a law restricting
  export of code, next edit is done via ssh & vi in your country
  not theirs, so no file ever needs to be exported (aka USA munitions law).

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