UK Investigatory Powers Bill

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On Thu, May 05, 2016 at 11:33:34AM +0100, keith wrote:

> Otherwise welcome to Full On Hard Core DPI across the whole of the UK
> that is going to affect all internal traffic and anything transiting the
> borders.... Not that you could trust them, or others, anyway but it
> might be time to set up BGP to steer all traffic away from DataStrip
> One.

Have a look on Google Streetview around Bude (in Cornwall), what was C&W
land all their cables there (very pretty little cove, with a concrete
hut at the top). 'Oddly' there's a GCHQ 'listening' station right next
door and allegedly they don't even need to tap the cables, they're just
given a splice. (Again allegedly) they have the capability to store 30
days worth of traffic while they do any analysis of stuff and can then
move any interesting data elsewhere for further analysis.

Already doing bulk intercept, now just legitimising it ...


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