managing OpenPGP cards in batch mode?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu May 5 16:02:01 CEST 2016

On 05/05/16 08:11, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>>     Out of curiosity, where are these rules defined?
> The Free Software Foundation requires them for all FSF-sponsored mailing
> lists.  Thou Shalt Not Advocate Proprietary Software.  I wish I had a
> link but I don't -- I was told about this Thou Shalt Not Advocate
> Proprietary Software rule by a member of FSF, it wasn't something I saw
> on a webpage.
> I disagree with the FSF's rules, but so long as I'm on an FSF list I
> abide by them.

Oddly enough, making rules like that is technically restricting people's
freedom to communicate.  Restricting freedom to promote freedom is a
dangerous game.

There will always be people who are new to the community and don't
appreciate the issues with Github (if you'll excuse the pun), I'm sure
we can help explain in a friendly way without needing to resort to rules
like these.  If the same person repeatedly insists that Github is better
than Gitlab, for example, that would be spamming.

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