managing OpenPGP cards in batch mode?

Werner Koch wk at
Thu May 5 17:17:15 CEST 2016

On Thu,  5 May 2016 08:11, rjh at said:

> The Free Software Foundation requires them for all FSF-sponsored mailing
> lists.  Thou Shalt Not Advocate Proprietary Software.  I wish I had a

Well, this is not an FSF sponsored list.  I never received any money or
other resources from the FSF.  Maybe others, but I doubnt that.  The
only exception may be that they paid me a flight and 3 nights in a
shared hotel room in Tokyo in '99 - I gave a talk at their fund raising

> link but I don't -- I was told about this Thou Shalt Not Advocate
> Proprietary Software rule by a member of FSF, it wasn't something I saw

I think this is a good rule in general because I started GnuPG as a
replacement for its proprietary counterpart.  I am not as strict as the
Boston folks; so it is okay to speak about PGP etc. as long as it does
not feel like advertising.



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