Help needed - again

Daniel H. Werner daniel at
Fri May 6 04:20:53 CEST 2016

It appears that I made a mess of my new install.

I am on a Mac, running OS 10.11.4.
I had been using PGP ( v9.7.1?)  on a previous older Mac but, of course, that will not work on OS X.
I downloaded the suite and did the install on my laptop (I did not want to try it on the desktop machine until I was sure I could do everything right).
The Keychain was moved from my old machine to the new one. After the new install, I opened the GPG Keychain andI saw that I had a sec/pub key set dated 3 months ago. I assume I mistakenly created that set when I was trying earlier to install GPG.

After getting some help from some of you, it appeared that the install was good.  I could send an encrypted and signed message to myself and receive it.
Feeling smug and on top of the world, I then sent my public key, dated in 2003,  to a colleague with a request that he respond. He did and …  I cannot decrypt his message.  I get a prompt telling me that my secret key is missing.

I still have the previous/original secret and public keys. When I tried to Import them, I get a prompt telling me:

"It seems that you're trying to import some non PGP related data that can't be processed."

I do not know what to do now. Should I Uninstall everything, cancel/revoke all the keys and start over from scratch?

Thank you everyone in advance, for your help.



Daniel H. Werner,
Hillsdale Corporation
9 Oregon Yacht Club
Portland, OR 97202  USA
Cell: (503) 709-0950  

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