Create subkey with same passphrase

Alexander Strobel Alexander.Strobel at
Wed May 11 10:54:20 CEST 2016

I wanted to know if there is a way to create a new subkey without giving
it a new passphrase but using the same one as the primary key and the
first subkey.
AFAIK while creating the first subkey there is no passphrase question,
it simply uses the passphrase given for the primary key.

The use case behind my question is that I want to create a combined
RSA/ECC key in a batch like way without getting the “Please enter your
passphrase/Please repeat your passphrase” twice (which means 4 dialogs
in total).

gpg --batch --gen-key
> Key-Type: RSA
>> Subkey-Type: RSA
>> %commit

gpg --edit-key abcd1234 addkey
> ecc/e
> curve25519

Best regards
 Alex Strobel

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