Problems with USB access to Omnikey 4321

Stefan Midjich swehack at
Sat May 14 19:25:15 CEST 2016

Hi list users

My goal was to reset one of my GnuPG v2.1 smartcards because the PIN
counter had reached 3 and it had been locked "permanently". I am using
Fedora 23 with the PCMCIA Omnikey AG Cardman 4321.

I read many posts on the list showing me how to do this but I couldn't
communicate with my card using gpg-connect-agent console, every scd
command I attempted gave me a card error, except for scd restart which
said OK and started scdaemon if I had killed it.

Here is the output of gpg --card-status --debug-ccid-driver with the
locked card inserted:

And here is my scdaemon.log when I've killed scdaemon, inserted my
card and attempt to use the command 'scd serialno' in the
gpg-connect-agent console.

In the scdaemon.log I can see errors like "ccid-driver: usb_bulk_read
error: Förbindelsen dog ut (timeout)" which means connection timed
out, and "apdu_send_simple(0) failed: card I/O error" further down.

On the console it replies ERR 100696113 In/ut-fel <SCD> which means
I/O error, gpg-connect-agent does not listen when I set LANGUAGE=C in
the environment so I can't force english errors.

My ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf looks like this.

pcsc-driver /usr/lib64/pcsc/drivers/ifdokccid_linux_x86_64-v4.1.8.bundle/Contents/Linux/
log-file /home/stemid/.gnupg/scdaemon.log

The driver I downloaded from here because I
think it was necessary for my card reader. I have another Gemalto
reader that seems to work without any additional drivers but it's

Pcscd is not running however.

I hope someone here understands what is wrong.

Vänliga Hälsningar / Sincerely
Stefan M

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