gpg is destroying my messages ...

Wols Lists antlists at
Sat Nov 5 01:58:10 CET 2016

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Basically, I'm very frustrated that gpg is losing random emails of mine.
The problem is I am NOT using it by default, but every now and then it
will "grab" a message I send. I then can only access it by typing in my
pass-phrase. (And, iirc, the menu bar displays and says DON'T sign,
DON'T encrypt!!!)

Why on earth - HOW on earth - is it encrypting messages without needing
my key? And why is it doing it? I need gpg for the odd message, but it's
a right royal pain when it does this as messages refuse to save in sent,
and I can't access emails I've sent without a load of grief.

I can't even find out how to strip this blasted encryption from my own
messages so I can see them without problem!

I'm using the gpg plug-in for thunderbird ...


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