gpg is destroying my messages ...

Ralph Seichter gnupg-ml at
Mon Nov 7 13:28:08 CET 2016

> (Note I'm not subscribed, please cc me on replies)

If you are not subscribed, how did you post on this mailing list?

> Why on earth - HOW on earth - is it encrypting messages without
> needing my key?

GPG does not initiate encryption, your MUA (Thunderbird) does. Also, GPG
does not require your own key, but the recipient's key for encryption.
Unless you Bcc yourself or add a default encrypt-to-key in GPG settings,
you won't even be able to read the encrypted message.

> I'm using the gpg plug-in for thunderbird ...

What is "the" plugin? Enigmail? In any case, check the plugin settings,
GPG is not the root cause for your problems, the Thunderbird plugin
calling GPG is. Change the plugin settings, or disable it.


P.S.: Please keep replies on-list.

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