configure warnings and errors upon ./configure for Pinentry v0.9.7

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Nov 23 11:38:32 CET 2016

On 23/11/16 11:14, Stephan Beck wrote:
> [...] and properly symlink
> /usr/bin/pinentry to the pinentry-curses you actually would like to use
> if you are using text-mode only, I don't know why it should not work.

Good one, the symlink. It makes me wonder: is the agent looking in the
right place for the pinentry? Perhaps if you compile your own GnuPG and
install it in /usr/local/*, it will look for /usr/local/bin/pinentry only?

The Debian jessie pinentry-curses package uses the alternatives system,
which means that /usr/bin/pinentry will be a symlink to
/etc/alternatives/pinentry, and if the only pinentry alternative is
pinentry-curses, that will in turn be a symlink to
/usr/bin/pinentry-curses. So by installing the Debian pinentry-curses
package, David should already have a /usr/bin/pinentry.



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