configure warnings and errors upon ./configure for Pinentry v0.9.7

Stephan Beck stebe at
Wed Nov 23 17:39:00 CET 2016

Peter Lebbing:
> On 23/11/16 11:14, Stephan Beck wrote:
>> [...] and properly symlink
>> /usr/bin/pinentry to the pinentry-curses you actually would like to use
>> if you are using text-mode only, I don't know why it should not work.
[...]So by installing the Debian pinentry-curses
> package, David should already have a /usr/bin/pinentry.
Yes, it has helped, thanks. But I looked at one of the OP's previous
mail and was confirmed.

> I looked for a GUI platform but had no idea what it's called where to
> find it and why I need a GUI if I plan on using purely command line
> interface.

So, I am puzzled by the fact that he switched to GUI pinentry that
quickly, without providing more info on the error, so I proposed to get
the maximum amount of info possible using the debug-level flag.


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