configure warnings and errors upon ./configure for Pinentry v0.9.7

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Nov 23 11:44:34 CET 2016

On 23/11/16 07:44, David Adamson wrote:
> Werner was GTK+-2.0 a potential option for an appropriate development
> package for the GUI platform?

(I'm not Werner :) Yes, GTK+-2 is one of the pinentries. It's the one I
use, on my XFCE Debian jessie.

> gpg: lookup_hashtable failed: Unknown system error
> gpg: trustdb: searching trust record failed: Unknown system error
> gpg: Error: The trustdb is corrupted.
> gpg: You may try to re-create the trustdb using the commands:
> gpg:   cd ~/.gnupg
> gpg:   gpg --export-ownertrust > otrust.tmp
> gpg:   rm trustdb.gpg
> gpg:   gpg --import-ownertrust < otrust.tmp
> gpg: If that does not work, please consult the manual

Argh. Just do the "rm trustdb.gpg", it contains the ownertrust values
you have assigned to other people's keys (well, okay, as well as your
own). I'm under the impression you're starting out cleanly, without
keys, so the file would have been empty anyway.

> So with one issue solved now on to the next.  I'm sorry but this can't
> be right. Anyone know why I am running into so many issues?

Murphy, probably :-). I think it's just bad luck.



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