Implications of a common private keys directory in 2.1

Carola Grunwald caro at
Thu Nov 24 14:34:12 CET 2016

MFPA <2014-667rhzu3dc-lists-groups at> wrote:

>Have you looked at all at Mike Ingle's "Confidant Mail" (CM)
><>? Maybe your signing/encryption servers
>at each end could incorporate a CM-to-SMTP gateway; CM could be
>awesome it were possible to compose and read messages on an ordinary
>mail client.

No, I wasn't aware of Confidant Mail.

I have a different approach to transmit bulk data anonymously.

Sending a larger mail message through the remailer network is a lengthy
process, as it is transferred in uniform 4 kB mail packets, from which
the exit remailer reconstructs the original message. But as my system
incorporates Tor, it offers another solution to that problem.

Apart from hidden services, which allow to contact the integrated POP3,
SMTP and NNTP proxy from all over the world without having to deal with
DDNS services you can also set up HTTP hidden services to allow others
to download files anonymously. Send the recipient anonymously the .onion
address of the file you offer and after installing a Tor Browser he's
able to download it through the Tor network. You yourself remain
anonymous, which is why that's a tool whistleblowers can use to forward
larger documents.

Compared with standard Tor communication a custom made protocol may
stand out and be easily detectable by an adversary.

So I'm not sure how CM can help to improve my system. But I'm always
open to suggestions.

Kind regards


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