Listing signatures in edit mode?

John Lane gnupg at
Thu Oct 6 21:10:05 CEST 2016

On 06/10/16 08:11, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Wed,  5 Oct 2016 17:26, gnupg at said:
>> I know how to list signatures with "gpg --list-sigs" but is it possible
>> to do so whilst in "gpg --edit-key" mode ?
> There is a "check" command which does the same as --check-sigs.
> However, I just realized that there is a regression in 2.1 in that it
> does not list them anymore.  Needs to be fixed.

good to know, thanks.

>> And can I list the cross-certify signatures? The normal "--list-sigs"
>> doesn't show them.
> What to you mean by this?

Perhaps I have misunderstood this:

where it says "Subkey cross-certification (sometimes called "back
signing") involves the subkey issuing a signature on the primary key,
just like the primary key signature on the subkey."

I was wondering, just for my education, how I can see such signatures. I
don't think they show on "--list-sigs", for example:

gpg --keyid-format short --list-sigs freddy
pub   rsa2048/1E8BB8D0 2016-10-06 [SC]
uid         [ultimate] Freddy Test <freddy.test at>
sig 3        1E8BB8D0 2016-10-06  Freddy Test
sub   rsa2048/FC91A390 2016-10-06 [E]
sig          1E8BB8D0 2016-10-06  Freddy Test <freddy.test at>
sub   rsa2048/63AB1D1A 2016-10-06 [S]
sig          1E8BB8D0 2016-10-06  Freddy Test <freddy.test at>

Would I not expect to see sigs by FC91A390 and 63AB1D1A on E8BB8D0 ?

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