Listing signatures in edit mode?

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Oct 6 09:11:04 CEST 2016

On Wed,  5 Oct 2016 17:26, gnupg at said:
> I know how to list signatures with "gpg --list-sigs" but is it possible
> to do so whilst in "gpg --edit-key" mode ?

There is a "check" command which does the same as --check-sigs.
However, I just realized that there is a regression in 2.1 in that it
does not list them anymore.  Needs to be fixed.

> Furthermore, is it possible to limit the list to my own sigs (i.e. when
> editing/viewing a third-party's key), and without using something like
> "grep" ?


> And can I list the cross-certify signatures? The normal "--list-sigs"
> doesn't show them.

What to you mean by this?

> Also, and kind-of related, is it possible to delete a specific sig (with
> "delsig" in edit mode) without having to step through all sigs ?

No, there is no easy way to identify a signature and thus we have not
implemented it.

Note that we won't add new features before the release fo 2.2, though.



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