Key-Grip unknown in --gen-key --batch

Meno Abels meno.abels at
Mon Oct 10 12:04:40 CEST 2016


there is these manual: <>

i tried to sign a csr with it and the command Key-Grip is missing some how.

In g10/keygen.c there is no equivalent command what can i do?

this is what i did:
cat <<GPG | gpg2  --full-gen-key --batch
Key-Type: RSA
Key-Length: 1024
Key-Grip: 68A638998DFABAC510EA645CE34F9686B2EDF7EA
Key-Usage: cert
Serial: 1
Name-DN: CN=The STEED Self-Signing Nonthority
Not-Before: 2011-11-11
Not-After: 2106-02-06
Subject-Key-Id: 68A638998DFABAC510EA645CE34F9686B2EDF7EA
Extension: c 30060101ff020101
Extension: n 0101ff
Signing-Key: 68A638998DFABAC510EA645CE34F9686B2EDF7EA
gpg: -:3: unknown keyword



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