Private key export for SSH

Peter Lebbing peter at
Tue Oct 11 15:35:37 CEST 2016

On 11/10/16 13:46, John Lane wrote:
> I have Monkeysphere on my radar but I haven't got around to trying
> it out. I had hoped for a gpg solution without resorting to third
> party...

I think I vaguely remember Monkeysphere supporting it.

> Yes sure I could do that (and do) but I hoped for way to export the
> ssh private key from gpg. It feels cleaner to me to just have one
> key.

(I'd consider key-per-user/workstation-combo cleaner :-)

> Is there a reason why, beyond the possibility that it just hasn't
> been implemented?

I think other features simply were more important, and got priority...



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