Private key export for SSH

John Lane gnupg at
Tue Oct 11 13:46:55 CEST 2016

> I don't know if you can do private key export; perhaps with monkeysphere?

I have Monkeysphere on my radar but I haven't got around to trying it
out. I had hoped for a gpg solution without resorting to third party...

> How about you just create a separate key for the machine where you don't
> use GnuPG, and then create a .pub file that contains two lines, one for
> the GnuPG key and one for the other key? 

Yes sure I could do that (and do) but I hoped for way to export the ssh
private key from gpg. It feels cleaner to me to just have one key.

So it sounds like it isn't possible then. Is there a reason why, beyond
the possibility that it just hasn't been implemented? I would have
thought doing this would complete the circle as far as gpg keys being
used for ssh...

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